Travel Safety Tips

icon-railroadStay safe on the road!

Follow these simple and sometimes life saving tips to keep you safe during your travels.

  1. Use GPS or check your map before you leave. Know where you are going and how to get there. It’s always a good idea to appoint a navigator for your trip.
  2. Look in your backseat before getting in your car.
  3. Review the contents in your vehicle before leaving the area.
  4. When driving, keep a full tank of gas and stay on well-lighted and well-traveled roads.
  5. Keep your safety belts on, doors locked and windows up.
  6. Try to stay on main roads and highways.
  7. If someone motions that your tire is flat or your car is smoking, don’t stop until he or she is gone. Try to get to a service station or populated area.
  8. If your car is bumped by another, don’t immediately jump out and check for damage. Watch the other driver. If you are uncomfortable, motion for him or her to drive to a more public place, a police or fire station.
  9. Never pick up hitchhikers.
  10. Park close to your destinations, preferable on a well-lighted street or area.
  11. Look around before getting out of your car.
  12. Always yield the right of way to the train. The train cannot yield to you.
  13. Never ignore active warnings at crossings.
  14. When getting gas, keep your doors locked and valuables in the car.
  15. Carry an RFID protected wallet.